Patrick Sookhdeo

Patrick Sookhdeo

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo is a passionate social activist  who vigorously defends human rights. His calling to philanthropy and activism began in the 1970s where he fought against racism and different types of segregation of minorities, particularly within the church. In like manner, he today contests the Islamists and Islamo-Fascists who wish to corrupt societies into religious totalitarian social orders leading to the the rejection of the rights of women, converts and non-Muslim minorities.

Sookhdeo has been a tireless advocate for social equity. This includes the essential fact that  each person should have the opportunity to choose their religion, the rights of women to full equality, and the rights of minorities against segregation. Patrick Sookhdeo has directed campaigns to make known the powerlessness of Iraqi Christians, to end the Apostasy Law in Islam, and to make vital amendments to religious hatred legislation in the UK.

In his role  as International Director of Barnabas Fund, he led the supplying of practical and spiritual help to Christians being persecuted for their faith. As executive and representative of the Barnabas Fund, he likewise worked as the voice of the persecuted Christian minorities who had previously remained largely unheard.  Through Sookhdeo’s endeavours, many  persecuted Christians have gained better treatment in society and a sufficient standard of wellbeing.  Patrick Sookhdeo firmly believes that every person is made in the image of God and has the right to life and freedom.

Barnabas Funds : Representative for the Voiceless

Patrick Sookhdeo actively fights for justice for Christian minorities.  In 1989, Sookhdeo set up a conference examining the predicament of Christians within Muslim-majority nations. Amid the meeting, he shed light on the barbarities experienced by these Christians brought on by Islamic groups. Two associations were set up accordingly: IISIC, a research organisation, and the Barnabas Fund, a Christian aid agency  intended to give help to the burdened Christian minorities.  Even today, Patrick Sookhdeo continues voicing the needs of the Christian minorities that are mistreated and hurt because of  their Christian faith.

Lecturer of Theology

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo has taught at various academic and government institutions all around the world.  Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he lectured at several theological institutions in the UK, including Oak Hill Theological College, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and Ridley Hall,  Cambridge.  Here, his contributions were to train clergy and missionaries about culture and religion.  Due to his research with IISIC, throughout 1990s and 2000s he acted as advisor for the Special Branch of the British Police Force, as well as the British Army and NATO.  His involvement was to provide information on the culture of Iraqi and Afghan religions and society. His involvement led to the locating of various radical Islamist organisations, as well as facilitating the recovery process of affected Afghans.